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My First Book Cover Photograph

Book Cover Photograph - Jessica Torres Photography













Guess what?!? My butterfly photograph is on the cover of a book in Holland!  So exciting!  That’s a picture of it on the iTunes store.

There have been a few exciting milestones in this fledgling photography career of mine -my first sale of a photograph to someone other than my mom or my sister; my first international print order; my first large, custom print order … And now my first book cover photograph!

I still always get a little thrill of surprise and happiness when someone buys one of my photographs for any reason, but a book cover is a big project!

The photo was licensed through Arcangel Images, you can see all of my images available for licensing on their website here.

You can also buy prints of the same butterfly image in the shop or on Etsy.

Thanks for stopping by to share in my excitement!