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Tips for Selling Your Artwork on Society6 – Getting Promotes and Followers

Hey friends! Today I’ve got some tips for selling your artwork on Society6.  In case you’ve never explored their website, Society6 is a really fun place to find beautiful and inspiring artwork and home decor.  It’s also a great venue to sell your work if you’re an artist.  I’ve been selling my photographs on Society6 for a couple of years now. It’s taken me a while, but I’m starting to build a small, consistent monthly income selling my photos on wall art, home decor, device cases, and even leggings (those are fun! Check them out!) over the years, I’ve learned a few techniques to gain followers and traction on Society 6.

After you post your artwork for sale on the website, you have to get a certain number of “promotes” before your art will be searchable on their storefront. In order to get the promotes, you need to have a bit of a following (of other artists, mostly).

Here are a few tips to help you get those promotes you need to get into the society6 shop.

1. Follow and promote other artists. A LOT of other artists and their work. When you’re new on society6, you should spend quite a bit of time browsing, promoting, and following other’s work.

2. Comment on others’ art that you like. Adding a comment is more visible than just clicking that heart icon, and I’ve found that artists are more likely to notice that you’ve visited and promoted their work if you leave a comment. I’ve had many artists come visit my work after seeing comments I’ve left on their work.

3. Join a facebook group or two for society6 artists. There are many active groups that have daily or monthly threads where you can post your own products for others to promote. You must follow the rules of the specific group, usually there are requirements to promote other products in the thread. I’m a member of this group and this group, and they are a good source of views and promotions.

4. Take note of who is promoting other artists, and view and promote their work. You can see who promoted your product or any other artist’s work by clicking on the number below the heart icon. Take a look at the comments and names of promoters and specifically visit their work. This helps you find people who are more recently active on the website (and actively promoting art), and will be more likely to visit your work in the near future.

tips for selling your artwork on society6 - view your promoters

5. Comment on your own artwork. Don’t spam people, but if others have made nice comments on your artwork, if you pop in with a “thank you” it can help in two ways: one- it shows you notice and appreciate those who come to view your work, and two- it gives your artwork a little bump up in the “my Society” feed of those who are following you. If they weren’t online when you first posted the artwork and it’s dropped down in their feed, a comment will bump it back up to the top increasing the number of people who might see it and comment on it.

6. View and promote artists who are online now. Your “My Society” feed is filled with new work by artists you follow, but also by work that is promoted by artists you follow. Often near the top of your feed, if you hover over some of the artwork, you’ll see a note that says “promoted by xxxx”. This artist is likely active on Society6 currently. If you go search for the artist that promoted the work, you can look view, promote, and comment on their recent work. This can help to get some quick views and promotes by people currently on the site. Make sure you select the “people” option on the right sidebar after you search for the artist’s name.

Searching Active Users on Society6

Hopefully these tips for selling your artwork on Society6 will help you build some momentum as you start to sell your art online. Let me know if you have any other great tips that you’ve learned, I’d love to hear about them!