Simple 4th of July Decor Idea

Simple 4th of July Decor with Washi Tape

Here is a fun idea for 4th of July decor for your party or barbecue … washi tape cookie cutter star ornaments!  I found this idea for Christmas ornaments on Pinterest, which led me here … (Sidebar:  Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Pinterest?  Seriously, how did I live without it?  I love it with all the heart and kissey face emoji in the world.) Anyways, I saw these star ornaments at my local party store on sale and thought they’d be perfect to decorate for a festive Independence Day buffet table or cocktail station.

You simply take washi tape and wrap the ornament as neatly as you can, and then hang with fun baker’s twine!  I chose red, white, and blue washi tape to keep to the 4th of July theme, and it took about five minutes!  Super cute and super simple 4th of July decor.

You can also see the washi tape bunting I made in the top photo.  I love washi tape almost as much as I love Pinterest.  In fact, I follow the washi tape topic on Pinterest.

If you make any of these cute ornaments, be sure and share your project!  I love seeing other’s craftiness.

Have a cool and fun holiday weekend, friends!

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