Wintry Market 2016

Two Teacups - Jessica Torres Photography

Can I just say how much I love Boise?  So many people stopped by my booth at Wintry Market last weekend and shared stories about their grandmother’s teacup collection, or their memories of working on old typewriters, or their Idaho mountain adventures.  The other Wintry vendors were all the most creative, eclectic, friendly people.  I had just the best time with you, Boise.

One little girl chatted with me while looking through my Idaho stickers. She had bought a new toy deer and was specifically looking for stickers with plants on them. Her deer loves to eat plants, she informed me. She was just the cutest.

Typewriter - Jessica Torres Photography

Another lovely lady told me about a friend of hers who, in the early days of computers, loved his typewriter so much he wrote his entire book on his typewriter for the experience – but then decided to do the next book on the computer.

The Mountains are Calling and I must Go - Jessica Torres Photography

Many people enjoyed guessing where different lake and mountain photographs were taken.  I lost count of how many kids asked “What’s that?!?!” to the large typewriter photograph that was the centerpiece of my display.  You have to be of a certain age to appreciate some of my photos, that’s for sure!

Wintry Market Boise - Jessica Torres Photography Booth

Quite a few people came to look more closely at the giant photograph of an old Shriners band that was hanging on the wall behind my booth.  We had fun speculating about the year it was taken and I loved hearing anecdotes about relatives and friends who were Shriners in years past.

Once again, the weekend reminded me of how great this town is that I live in and how amazing the community of makers is in this valley.  Thanks for a great Wintry Market, my friends, and I look forward to next year!


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